The Polar Express 10th Anniversary Release

Screening across Cineworld Cinemas: 8 December

Warner Bros.’ The Polar Express, the groundbreaking festive favourite from Robert Zemeckis, will return to cinemas on 8 December with an exclusive one day release across Cineworld Cinemas nationwide. 10 years on since Zemeckis first pushed the boundaries of motion capture animation to create his unique winter wonderland, this re-release will give a new generation the chance to see a Christmas classic back on the big screen in spectacular 3D.
Polar Express 3D
Late on Christmas Eve, a young boy lies awake in bed doubting the existence of Santa Claus and nervously waiting to hear the sound of sleigh bells. Instead a magical steam engine roars outside his window, bound for the North Pole. The train’s irascible conductor (Tom Hanks – in one of several roles) invites the boy on board, and together they begin a roller-coaster journey up mountains, across ice fields and beyond imagination.
Screening in stunning 3D, Warner Bros.’ The Polar Express returns to UK cinemas nationwide for a special one day reissue across Cineworld Cinemas on 8 December. The journey will continue at selected cinemas across the UK in the lead-up to Christmas.
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