‘The Pokemon GO Killer’ Night Terrors Coming This Halloween


The madness has descended on the world as Pokemon GO dominates the app market for now and the future to come, it seems. But Novum Analytics are hoping to change the flow of Pokemon traffic somewhat with their introduction of Night Terrors, an immersive augmented reality mobile game that turns your house into a haunted attraction experience.

I’m a little bias towards Novum Analytics as I have been heavily involved with the Marketing, with me working for Novum as a result. SO, I’ll try to be as fair as possible when writing this article.

I’ve downloaded Pokemon, I’ve played it and with it being a new experience the hype train began, but Pokemon GO is a really bare and stripped down affair, The AR is basic, the GPS saps your battery like crazy and the tech as a whole is as simple as a metapod’s brain capacity. But it’s new, its exciting, it’s part of our childhoods and one of the biggest franchises ever created on this planet. It’s going to do well, it always was, no matter how the tech fared. It’s the first of it’s kind and doors have opened for AR to truly be a dominant force in the years to come.

But here’s where Night Terrors stands out. The tech that Night Terrors are using hasn’t been widely introduced into mobile gaming before, an evolving platform that will get better and better and it’s coming this Halloween. A complex combination of all of your phone elements working together to create an experience like no other.

Photo-realistic practical effects and ghouls rather than CGI, binaural audio, depth estimation systems and more. Things you wouldn’t expect to be finding in a mobile game. The Reality Evolved motto of the company, paves the way for an evolving game, updates bringing new and exciting things and getting darker and scarier with every build, almost like a PG evolution into an 18 rated experience, with it’s full range of Horror scares, jumps and atmospherics at it’s disposal.

If Night Terrors turns your home into a haunted attraction and even freaks you out in the slightest, it’s job is done. So even thou the title of our article is the Pokemon Go killer, there’s no way that we’ll be up there on Pokemon Go sales numbers but the tech will be far more advanced than our Pokemon friends and a step forward to a very exciting future in a very exciting industry. Novum Analytics are giving us a glimpse of the future, way before it’s time.

Night Terrors is due to be released around Halloween 2016.