The Perfect Black

Colour is an integral part of any modern story telling experience, cold colours usually depict a sci-fi setting, darkened colours always provide a mood or dark tone to the script, lucid colours show a larger than life experience or surreal setting, colours most commonly used in many animations or visual epics such as James Cameron’s Avatar.

Even black and white films can display a depth of emotion without any new colour ever being introduced. Black can be defined as the absence of light, a dark, mysterious and almost endless portrayal of depth.


Such films as Gravity, Star Wars and Ridley Scott’s Alien thrive off the use of the colour black with stars and planets added within this vast space to bring it to life before our very eyes. The absence of light however makes black the perfect canvas to display some of the brightest or most detailed imagery than the human eye can process, the black almost surrounds the image and allows that image to shine brighter and appear more detailed than ever before, it adds character, it creates new possibilities, it’s the introduction of a ‘perfect black’.

LG have taken this theory and have incorporated it into a new line of televisions that not only follow the perfect black motto with 4k resolution, but have created their own brand of TV the likes the world has never seen before.

Various interviews have been conducted with a variety of industry professionals who have all expressed why Perfect Black is so important for a movie viewing experience, from famous Directors to Artists, LG have really captivated a wide variety of opinions from some truly inspiration visual professionals.

OLED technology that includes self-lighting pixels delivers the purest blacks, whether you’re watching a firework show, a Hollywood blockbuster or even an old Black and White western it’s safe to say that OLED brings these images to life like never before. LG’s industry-leading OLED display technology ensures that images are displayed in perfect black as well as perfect colors. This is what makes OLED technology an ideal match for HDR content because only OLED panels can deliver the absolute black which makes the bright colors of HDR look even more impressive.

In a recent interview with Ana Lily Amipour she discusses how her black and white movie looked incredible even in daylight, the perfect black displayed on this range of televisions provided that darkened room depth without a curtain or blind ever being drawn.


Ana’s film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night is an American Horror film about residents of an Iranian city who encounter a skateboarding vampire (Sheila Vand) who preys on men who disrespect women. The film was hailed for it’s emotion and use of Black and White to convey such a classic and haunting tone, the perfect use of a perfect black.

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