The Noble Collection

NN7008MThe Noble Collection has gained an international reputation for products with exquisite design and fine craftsmanship. In our quest for perfection, we have sought out the most talented and acclaimed sculptors and artists from around the world to recreate our historic designs. Our craftsmen have perfected the techniques that have produced the world’s greatest works in metal. They rely on the methods often passed from generation to generation; family secrets of creating unsurpassed beauty and enduring quality. Through this dedication to time honored artistry and authenticity, we have become the premier source for connoisseurs and beginning collectors alike.


bilbo-baggin-s-deed-of-contract-the-hobbit-the-noble-collection-1524-pThe blurb above taken from The Noble Collection website doesn’t spell one word of a lie the company has established the premier position in collectible swords, knives and daggers. The replicas are so accurate to their screen used counterparts that buying from Noble Collection is almost like buying a work of art, directly taken from screen used moulds or with Warner Brothers permission to make these products, The Noble Collection have blown the collectibles market wide open with high quality items at a reasonable price.

Among the most sought after Noble Collection creations:

  • Fine sword replicas and classic creations from legend and lore
  • Sculpted and jeweled daggers and knives
  • Jewelry in gold and precious gems
  • Hand-painted finely detailed porcelain sculpture
  • Historic replicas of armor, weaponry and early inventions
  • Fantasy art in a range of innovative and exciting forms
  • Prop Replicas

Whether you’re a Harry Potter fan, Lord of the Rings fan, Game of Thrones fan or more, The Noble Collection have items to cater for every collectors need.

Visit their fantastic website to check out their line of products, beautifully displayed on a very visually appealing website.

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