The Night Whispered Review


Written and Directed by Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser’s Chatterer Cenobite) comes The Night Whispered, a tale about three friends as they miss the last tram and decide to walk home through a dark country park. Uninvited, a sinister gentleman and his dog join them. In the park, one hears a whisper, turns and vanishes. The others search, until they too hear whispers.

The Night Whispered is a wonderfully shot short film that dwells into atmosphere and creepyness rather than all out scares. A build up of tension and immersion gives the tale a foggy mysterious persona reminiscent of old TV ghost stories, it reminded me of something that would easily be suited to the old Nickelodeon TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark.

The film was shot on a Sony A7R II, except for the title sequence filmed in 4K on an iPhone 6S Plus.
As effective as it is short The Night Whispered is a finely polished article.