The most sensible piss take ever – Sharknado 2

Sharknado2So we sat down and finally watched Sharknado 2 and we were pleasantly surprised by the maturity of which it was shot in relation to the pure stupidity that happens on screen. We have followed the notion that Sharknado is the so bad it is good film, yet with Sharknado 2, its just rather good.

Have we gone insane?

sharknado-2-trailer-350x217Maybe so, but we have our reasons, the film does not stick out as a slapstick comedy, it does not make the comedy obvious, it adds poor puns throughtout the movie but then throws sly winks and nods to horror films and unveils a stupid persona throughout the movie.

I think the reason we liked it so much is because the characters are acting as thou all of this is normal, like water pistol flamethrowers, shark frogger and chainsaw grand scale shark dissection are all normal happenings in a crazy New York City and that’s what makes it great. The film does not point out the comedy, it lets you make you own assumptions and judge it independently.

Poor acting, questionable CGI and cameo over load aside. The movie is fun to watch, the plot is crazy beyond all reasonable measure, the almost immortality of the main stars is laughable, but its fun, its retro style, its just a good movie to sit back, relax and enjoy.

The movie that keeps making money has naturally announced a third in the franchise and we must admit we’re looking forward to it !

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