The Mary Poppins Hoax

Mary PoppinsSo over the last few weeks, social media went nuts when they found out that Tim Burton
was directing a remake of
Mary Poppins. A movie poster was seen floating around and people were either angered that Tim Burton would touch this kind of movie or people were excited to see his remake. Cate Blanchett from Lord of The Rings was set to star as Mary Poppins and Sam Riley who starred in Maleficent was to play Burt, the chimney sweeper.

tim-burton Mary Poppins

But sadly none of this is happening. You know why? This was all caused by the website Popzilla Gallery who decided to make a fake movie poster. Popzilla Gallery posted a statement on their Facebook:

We regret to inform you that the Tim Burton Poppins Movie Poster was fake. (Also, duh) At this point, you are either crushed that there is no Tim Burton Mary Poppins movie, or you have a restored faith in humanity. However, now that we got your attention, POPzilla will want to use this shameless publicity stunt as a way to announce our next group pop art gallery, THE BURTON SHOW. We agree, it’s a very clever title. Look for the show to open November of this year at the Rothick Art Haus in Anaheim California. This unofficial, non-affiliated, tribute show will feature pop art inspired by all the films of Tim Burton. Yes, even Planet of the Apes.”

Popzilla had fans going that Burton announced it on his official Facebook (which he did not). The topic was even trending on Facebook.

Sorry, Burton fans but your scary Mary Poppins is not happening.