The LEGO Batman Movie Review


Will Arnett plays our Lego caped crusader with his classic dry wit that made him such a highlight of The LEGO Movie and he’s back again at his best in this hilarious movie that never takes itself too seriously.

The film reminede me of a Scary Movie style spoof in LEGO form. There are so many references to the old Batman films that many a generation will love and appreciate. The movie is jam packed with every Batman Villian you can just about think of. This movie gives the audience exactly what it wants and it almost has an air of Deadpool humour to it throughout (the opening credits especially were a stand-out example).


Good knowledge of old Batman movies would come in handy when watching the film but it’s not neccesary, one hit after another of one liners make you feel comfatable, you feel at home, you’re having a good time.

There really isn’t so much as a story to the movie, more a character profile that progresses over a loose plot of The Joker wanting to destroy Gothan (nothing new there). The ‘story’ focuses on Batman and how he’s coping with living the life of solitude (insert Superman reference here), he wants to fight crime as a one man army but deep down he’s afraid of being alone and that main chracter trait is explored throughout the movie as he becomes conflicted when falling in love with the new female commisioner and accidently adopting a son. This son would go on to become Robin, Batman’s side kick voiced by Michael Cera.


I watched the film in IMAX and it looked absolutely incredible, the vibrant colours of the LEGO bricks, the fast and furious action sequence which inch perfect sound and visual quality, some action sequences do flash by a little too quickly leaving you cross-eyed behind your 3D glasses but it’s all good, it goes by quick enough that you can re-adjust and get comfy again. I’d certainly reccommend seeing it in IMAX rather than standard viewing, animations always look so beautiful on a huge IMAX screen.


It’s endearing, appeals to all ages and is packed full of laughs for all the family. The Lego Batman Movie may not be up there with The Lego Movie, but as a stand-alone film, it’s pretty darn great and I came out of the film with a giant smile on my face.

Everything was awesome!