The Killer & I Reality Series Review

The-Killer-and-I-Web-reality-seriesJoin horror legend Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part 7-X, Hatchet 1-3) and the author of his biography, Mike Aloisi, aka AuthorMike, in their insane adventures in The Killer & I. With the fitting title of, “Horror’s Odd Couple”, this mismatched duo of a tough stunt man and a Scaredy cat writer are sure to prove that… horror can be hilarious!

Legendary horror star, Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Part 7-10, Hatchet 1,2) and Author Michael Aloisi (Unmasked, The Killer & I, Tales From a Mortician) have released their new reality series, The Killer & I. The show follows them both on their 4 month book tour across the US and Europe.

The show is shot on a hand held video camera and what the series lacks in video quality it more than enough makes up for in laughs, comedy and a strong display of friendship that the pair share on their journey.

With Michael being a very jumpy person and Kane naturally being fearless understandly down to his job as a stuntman, Michael is at Kane’s mercy with every prank and adventure they find themselves on. From feeding Lions and Tigers at a zoo, smashing ice over each others heads in Vegas, all the way up to climbing a rock face outside the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado with poor Michael’s fear of heights and well.. just about everything else on display in this series.

Together on their trip the show is packed full of insane pranks and dares as they compete against one another throughout the entire 13 show series. From a hilarious scene in the Luxor hotel, to beer bottle pranks and a firing range, the laughs are never ending and the chemistry between the pair is fantastic to watch.

Kane’s sense of humour and jokey nature is renoun across the world of Horror and this show not only shows some great sights but matches them with the bromance banter and humor we all know and love.

I aimed to review five episodes at a time but in the blink of an eye I had watched the whole DVD, feeling as thou I was one of the guys along the way, the humor makes you feel comfatable and at ease, it’s clear to see that both Michael and Kane are great friends and their passion for Horror shines through this wonderful reality series.

Mike explains his relationship with Kane as, “50% torture, 25% humiliation and 25% the best time of my life! Regardless of all the pain and embarrassment, I can’t wait for fans to see our adventures.” For Kane, this is a his first full venture into the world of reality entertainment, “I’m excited for fans to how I am outside of movies and conventions.  I don’t think they will be surprised at how I act… but they will get a kick out of how I torture Mike!”   

A highly entertaining series that has a slight air of Jackass about it that makes me want them to go on more tours and record more of these fun filled episodes!