The John Cena Experience DVD Review

WWE-Presents-John-CenaAs John Cena continues to dominate inside the WWE ring, his impact and popularity grow around the world. Now fans can get a once in a lifetime inside look at the life of the Champ with THE JOHN CENA EXPERIENCE. This revealing documentary provides unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to John Cena as he shares his views on WWE, movies, his music, giving back to the community, and so much more. Fans will see John Cena’s intense preparation for WrestleMania and appreciate the physically and mentally challenging build-up to WWE’s biggest event. Relive some of Cena’s pop culture highlights including movie & television appearances from behind the scenes and understand the benefits and responsibilities of being the WWE Champion.

4d54a6c767johncenaThe DVD kicks off with the WWE tour of Iraq with John’s opinions of the fans, the American troops hard work and his experiences on the road, the trials and tribulations and some insight into the day to day life of John Cena. The interviews, the publicity work, how on earth this guy has some free time to himself is beyond me.

The DVD provides an insight into John’s personality outside of the ring and the parade for a college football game where John was Grand Marshall is a true testament to what a great guy John is. Riding in an open top Mustang John wave’s almost presidentially at passers by and signs autographs, takes pictures and speaks to on-coming fans,

detail a true account of a patient, understanding and caring guy, who appreciates his fans and the opportunity he has been given. I did enjoy watching this section but it was a good 20-25 minutes of build up towards a coin toss… a coin was tossed, a football game happened, a football game ended. Lots of great build up for.. a coin toss haha. But nevermind lets continue !

John’s movie career, WWE licensing duties and fan relation is all the topic of conversation and not once does the documentary ever trail off or become boring. A great watch ! I would of loved some sample matches thrown in there from the Iraq tour perhaps, but I guess I can’t have everything.

The DVD is well put together and contains fast flowing content that keeps the viewer interested, I admire all the work that WWE athletes do around the world and this DVD is a perfect glimpse into the work that John does, the content is evenly balanced with John’s perspective interviews and it engages you instantly, whether you’re a WWE fan or not this is a very interesting documentary.

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