The Inbetweeners 2 Review

Inbetweeners_poster_bttm The lads are back. We may be glad, but is Australia ready for Will, Jay, Simon & Neil? Read on and find out.

Must admit, I went into this one expecting it to be crude, vulgar, vile, funny, cringeworthy and full of tit, wank, nob and arse jokes. Which it was! So it was interesting to see how this one went down with the other half (not normally known for either her love of humour or ability to follow a plot longer than thirty minutes that doesn’t involve cockneys/mancs screaming at each other outside a pub.) Needless to say she loved it, perhaps more than me. I remember the original film being released and having misgivings about whether or not this was going to be just another amazing series failing to make the pretty broad leap from TV to the big screen. In hindsight I know that, along with many, I needn’t have worried. It literally was a success. Fans clamoured for more, failing to accept that could possibly be the end. Thankfully it wasn’t, and writers Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have once again served up a treat of a film.

Six months have passed since the lads holiday to Malia and after a pretty embarrassing party invite goes tits up, Will (Simon Bird), Neil (Blake Harrison) and Simon (Joe Thomas) decide to fly to Australia and surprise Jay (James Buckley). Known for his ability to exaggerate now and then, Jay emails them about how well his gap year is going down under. After bragging of his new life of constants birds, out of this world parties, a slot at Sydneys biggest club as the premiere DJ and a mansion filled with ‘pussay’, the lads are a little deflated when they arrive only to learn Jay hasn’t been telling them the whole truth. Well, I say the whole truth, ‘he’s been talking bollocks’, would probably be more appropriate. It’s only due to a chance meeting with one of Will’s old school friends that we finally see some purpose to the trip as we end up following the lads as they set off, armed with the romantic interest, cringeworthy moments that almost had the other half bringing up her Chinese and the intimidating company of ‘cooler’ boys, to Splash Planet. The biggest water park in Australia.

Inbetweener 2a

I’ll not say much more about the plot, because I feel I may have said too much already. But the gags flow thick and fast, some genuinely laugh out loud funny whereas some fall a little flat and get tiresome rather quickly. Although the fact Jay’s car was called the ‘Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit’ had me in stitches. I’ll be honest though, the film does nose dive in the final third, the comedy seemingly dries up and you get a feeling that the writers kind of ran out of ideas, making the final half hour a little boring and unpleasant to sit through as you wait for something funny to happen, only to realise the film peaked twenty minutes ago. It’s seriously downhill after the water park.

Inbetweeners 2These days, it is refreshing to see some original comedy in a film, instead of the usual gags cycled over and over, bringing a sense of mediocrity to the production. The change of scenery gives the lads a new environment to bring their own brand of charm to the locals, whether it’s appreciated or not and although not perfect, this is still a bloody good film.

If you liked the series or the previous film then you’re safe knowing that this is basically more of the same. If this is your first foray into the world of The Inbetweeners, then get ready for it to hook you in.

If you like knob, arse, tit and fanny jokes that is.

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