The Howling Trailer Released By Greenway Entertainment

The Howling

The Howling Outline – The mystery of Rathbone and all his ungodly creatures of nightmares is well known on the internet. In fact, his elusive presence even brings out fanboys. But when Sophia, a nerdy teen, studying journalism, with a gut feeling for a story, sets out to find the truth behind the myth, she will encounter something beyond horror, in a place where Hell and all its creatures will open up and consume her.

The film is to be released in the United Kingdom via 101 Films on DVD exclusively on 23rd October 2017,

Steven M. Smith said, “THE HOWLING is a ground-breaking piece of work. We mix 1930’s style gothic horror with modern horror. The film was put together by such great people with a passion and dedication. It was shot in just twelve days and a lot of fun was had by all involved and we are very happy with how it is looking.” “Please go and grab a copy and support indie filmmakers!”

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