The Great Wall Review


A spectacular and epic showdown, The Great Wall is a fusion of bilingual cinema plunged into a fantasy world of CGI beauty. A new artistic collaboration between Hollywood and China with Zhang Yimou at the helm brings a new dawn of cinema and quite frankly I really, really enjoyed it.


The storyline is simple. Matt Damon stars as a thief who somehow finds himself in China on a quest to find gunpowder to bring back to the west. His search somehow gets him to The Great Wall of China in the middle of the desert where they encounter a beast the likes they have never seen before. After killing the beast and keeping it’s paw, a local Chinese army inhabiting the wall identifies it as belonging to a monster breed by the name of Tao Tie and they can only be defeated by vanquishing the queen of the hoard. These monsters attack the wall every 60 years and William (Matt Damon) has arrived at the perfect time for the latest siege and with William’s incredible bow skills, along with his partner in crime Tovar (Pedro Pascal) they show the Chinese army a thing or two about kicking ass. To me that’s rather funny as these guys have been fighting them for years and suddenly two westerners show up and school them in about 30 minutes. I’m pretty sure that was a studio decision along with some of the other dark and never-ending plot holes that this film seems to conjure.


We find out the only way to kill the mass onslaught of CGI orc like creatures is to kill the queen. Incredible fight sequences, intense CGI and intricate costumes that make your mouth drool all sum up The Great Wall. The film doesn’t have a strong story so I have no idea how it took six (credited) writers to come up with this but I don’t really care. What I saw on screen was just spectacular and for costume design alone it was nothing short of beautiful.


Aside from the plot holes that leave you needing some sort of Chinese movie style, gravity defying move to escape from this movie is a lot of fun and credit where credit is due to Universal for making a movie that is incredibly fun to watch as well as stylish, attractive and jaw dropping. I have been roped in by pretty images and fancy designs that completely made me forget the anti-climatic and abrupt ending as thou the budget had just suddenly run out. I know It’s not perfect, but it was never meant to be.

Just sit back and enjoy.