The Fear Clinic Trailer is nearly here !

1613919_237242879792056_654418715_nNews from the guys behind Fear Clinic the Movie have informed us that a trailer for their highly anticipated film is due to be released any day now. The tension is building as their 10,000 Twitter and Facebook friends work themselves up into a frenzy of what the trailer might hold in store.

Corey Taylor, Robert Englund, Fiona Dourif, Thomas Dekker, Cleopatra Coleman all star in this psychological horror and let me tell you from what we’ve seen so far. You guys are in for a real treat.

With B2TM working on the movie we had access to final cut scenes, behind the scenes footage, exclusive images but instead of posting on here and taking all the glory, we uploaded all of the images to the Fear Clinic FB and Twitter pages which we run and maintain.

We want the fans involved in the movie as much as possible, not just a simple news story but posts where the fans can get in amongst the action, comment on the photo’s, speak with the people who were working on the film and become a part of the movie as much as possible. The fans made it happen so the fans deserve to be involved.

We’re so looking forward to the trailer, hold on to your seats, relax and all will be revealed soon enough.

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