The Exorcist Maze at Universal Studios Hollywood Review

Kory by The Exorcist maze at Halloween Horror Nights.

Kory by The Exorcist maze at Halloween Horror Nights.

For this years Halloween Horror Nights did have a nice mashup of OG characters but it also incorporated a true iconic cinema that wasn’t just someone chasinging you down with something sharp. The Exorcist has always been deemed one of the scariest films of all time. The only thing interesting here is I don’t find the movies that scary but I definitely find the maze scary as hell.

The Exorcist among my many friends was deemed a dud of a maze before it even came out. I was definitely one of those people. In many ways the maze pulls off the cheesiest scares but a scare is a scare and the demon got me every time. The bed scenes in the maze are elaborate and it’s nice to see real actors in those spots. 


It’s also fun to see so many characters in the maze pop up and go after you. Universal really kept it smart this year with the classic traditions. I wish the same could be said for it’s one hot of a mess maze Krampus!

Check out this walk-through video from Sharp Productions:


Review by Kory Davis