The Evolution of the Batmobile

The guys over at reached out to me to ask for my opinion of my favourite Batmobile, I didn’t grow up in the Adam West era and I glimpsed over the Batman / Batman Returns batmobile which would be a popular choice for the majority. The reason for this is that I always feel it should be more practical in the real world as-well as on screen, take away the gadgets and all the funky stuff that happens in film, the Batman / Batman Returns car just doesn’t have that speed or edge or cornering ability, just ask comedian Jeff Dunham as he owns one of the screen-used cars.

I chose the Tumbler as it’s just an all out beast on film and in the real world, an incredible piece of machinery and it depicts the perfect representation of Christan Bale’s rugged and natural Batman portrayal. Thanks to for including me in this infographic and if you want to see the additional comments I had about the tumbler, you can read them HERE.