The Domicile Review

The Domicile

Russel Brody, a one-time successful playwright, works diligently on a follow-up play that could land him back in the spotlight he so early craves. With a baby on the way, however, and a strained marriage, stress and frustration take center stage. When his wife accidentally stumbles down the stairs and dies from her injuries, Brody’s mental state goes from bad to one of utter despair. In a bid to help his friend regain his sanity, Brody’s co-writer David Stanley suggests he revisits Lucy, his former mistress. The ghost of Brody’s dead wife awakens to the sordid details of his unfaithfulness, enraging her supernatural spirit to haunt him in every horrifying way imaginable. At first, Brody thinks he’s hallucinating and hearing things in his head, the result of his state of mind and alcohol. But as things intensify, his grip on sanity quickly slips away, and he starts to go mad. Appearing in every shadow, and provoking him relentlessly, the ghost cranks up her onslaught, making his life a living hell. Brody reaches his breaking point when the ghost possesses his former mistress, and he’s forced to confront the scorned entity — resulting in a climax of both psychological and physical terror.

The Domicile is a movie that at no point throughout it’s duration hooked me in. A character that did keep me entertained throughout was the troubled sister Samantha who is certified crazy, as she communicates with the demons in her home. Hats off to Amanda Ruth Ritchie for a disturbing performance as Samantha. The only other thing that kept me amused throughout this movie is how the lead character looks quite similar to internet entrepreneur Tai Lopez. So it was quite funny watching this lookalike being terrorised by demons. The movie has hints of Insidious and Conjuring influence but never seems to display them in any sort of effective or impactful light.

The ghost makes numerous appearances throughout. So many so that their impact becomes lessened with every appearance. That lady just needs to calm down. Take a time out and choose her moments carefullly rather than showing up every five seconds.

I can’t attach myself to any character in the story and as a result similar to Circus Kane, I don’t care if they live or die. It doesn’t demand you to enjoy it, it doesn’t draw you in, it doesn’t serve up any admirable or glimpses of salvation. Sadly The Domicile builds a brick wall between it’s audience and what’s happening on-screen.

Another film that I won’t be watching again anytime soon.

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