The day the world lost a legend..

robin-williams R.I.P

Robin Williams – 1951 – 2014

The world seems a little darker today as many of us awake to the news of Robin Williams’ untimely passing.

Exact details aren’t available right now and it wouldn’t be right to speculate, but it goes without saying that there is now a dark void, an empty space, where this legend of both screen and cinema once stood. A true icon. Whether you remember him as Mork, Peter Pan, Mrs Doubtfire or Good Morning Vietnam’s over the top DJ Adrian Cronauer, one thing unites us all. We all knew him. Many of us grew up with him. He made us laugh, made us cry, but at the same time always made us happy, illuminating whichever show or film he graced.

According to Mr Williams’ publicist, he had been suffering from depression for a while now, which in turn has set tongues wagging, suicide mentioned. See depression doesn’t care how many millions of people, young and old, you’ve entertained. It doesn’t care how many backsides you’ve put on the seats of a cinema and it doesn’t give a damn how big a bank balance you have. It outlines the human frailties in each and every one of us, making us all as even as the next man, able to affect any one of us tomorrow, regardless of age, gender or social standing.

We here at Back To The Movies extend our condolences to the family and close friends of Mr Williams at this arduous time and say thank you. We will never forget the talent, the enthusiasm, the energy that we came to associate with this genuius of a man.

Robin Williams – Gone But Never Forgotten

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