The Darkside Of Disney Documentary Review

The Dark Side Of Disney

Director Philip B. Swift discovers a community of people who identify as Darksiders. They are urban explorers who jump off the rides and film behind the scenes at the park, counterfeiters who create fake Disney employee ID badges to sneak into the Magic Kingdom utilidors, “Disney gang” members, podcasters looking for an offline connection in the real world, and drug addicts driven to Epcot to see the yacht rock stylings of Christopher Cross.

Taking inspiration from the book written by Leonard Kinsey and from the Directors Disney obsessed mother. The guys set off on a trip to explore this dark-side for themselves, breaking a few laws along the way as they explore what causes certain Disney fans to cross the line over to the dark side.

What I loved about this documentary was the sheer admiration I had for the guys and the balls that it took to record this and openly advertise their faces to the world, openly admitting they possess fraudulent badges to get into the staff only segments of Disney World and almost arrogantly recording every step.

The Dark Side of Disney – A Documentary Film – Teaser from philip swift on Vimeo.

I loved the tours of the unrestricted area’s combined with the history of people before them who have done the same and groups of grown up men and women obsessed with the (lets be honest here) kids theme park.

From drug trips to alcohol fueled binge crawls, this documentary portrays the kind of fun only an adult can enjoy at the park. The only thing left out of this documentary was perhaps a quickie with a ride attendant at Space Mountain and maybe a Disney themed casino. I suppose you can always click here to find the best online casino without moving off your ass thou.

It’s naughty, it’s fun and it’s crazy watching these adults with Peter Pan syndrome toddling around Disney World taking it all in.

Dark Side of Disney

The only thing that bothered me was one guy who openly admitted he had never been to Disney World before looking depressed on every ride and experience along the way. Whether this guy just wanted to be in the documentary for bragging rights or to help his friends out, his enthusiasm brought me down just watching it, it’s like dude, you may hate it, but at least sarcastically or humorously mock Disney and your experience rather than looking like you’ve just witnessed the decapitation of Mickey Mouse.

Aside from that The Dark Side Of Disney was a deliciously devious documentary that tears Disney a new one.