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Thinking Speed Releases Worldwide Midnight 6/21MoviePoster - Back to the Movies

As advertised, Thinking Speed will have its midnight summer release – on the first day of summer to be exact.

Lying in bed and looking at her screen, Lisa Menzel thought about the five years it took to complete her debut feature and settled on a solution to bring it to audiences around the world. She thought about how she watches film and decided there’s no better place than your room and there’s no better attire than your pajamas. So on Friday at 12:00AMCST, the director will be on the other side of the screen sending the movie live. UK residents will be able to view the film on Saturday morning at 6AM.

The story is set against a surreal, distorted Chicago backdrop and follows unsuspecting readers as they are pulled into the biography of a killer put to death by lethal injection. Unwittingly purchasing the book directly from the killer in a sort of retail Purgatory, they are enlisted to change the events of a murder in an attempt to reverse fate. What they do not realize is the killer is not who they think. If they do not find the means of escape in time, it may cost them their lives. Starring Nick Doetsch (Plastic, Prison Break), Tim Krueger (Frankenstein: Day Of The Beast, A Nightmare On Elm Street) and close to a hundred of Chicago newcomers and theater actors, this two-strip spectacle sets anarchy, underground counterculture and horror-infused history to a full indie rock soundtrack. With plenty of point-of-view shots and second person references, synonymous with the adapted novel, you are the reader.


Since the film’s following wanted a VOD release, Menzel teamed up with Reelhouse with the option of a rental for $1.99 and a download for $7.50, which seemed the obvious choice since Warner and Sundance have both partnered with them for their films as their platform offers one of the best quality VOD players on the web. But if you prefer the theater experience and live in the UK or the US, there’s good news. You can directly message the filmmakers at their Facebook page.:

Clock Goblins - Back to the Movies or their IMDB page: and request a showing near you. Via Tugg, a campaign will be launched and if 60 people pre-order their tickets, Thinking Speed will be in your local theater. For DVD fanatics, Menzel will be offering Thinking Speed in the film form as well as the original novel through Amazon in late September.

You can check out the trailer here:

For more great titles on Reelhouse you can visit.:

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