The Call Up Review


“A scary glimpse into an Augmented future” – Back To The Movies

A group of elite gamers are invited to a trial of a new virtual reality game called The Call Up where one winner will win $100,000. The gamers are transported into a virtual world that surpasses anything they’re used too at home and are pitted against various levels that challenge their camaraderie, skills and gaming know how to beat the game. What first starts out as immersive gaming heaven quickly takes a sharp turn as they soon realise that their lives are on the line with no restarts. As the group struggles to stay and work together as a unit, all mayhem ensues and they must use their gaming knowledge and quick adaptation to navigate the various levels the game has to offer.

What gives us a scary glimpse into the future of gaming The Call Up also shows us the potential dangers that our current technologies could be transformed into. Imagine being in an environment, you put on the headset and now you’re in the middle of a battlefield, worn down by gunfire and are fighting for your life in a virtual world.

Tricked into playing this game The Call Up boosts some amazing visual effects and has me drooling at the mouth knowing this could potentially be the future of gaming one day, albeit without my actual life on the line.


It’s gaming heaven and will heavily appeal to all gamers from all varieties of platforms, but what this film does lack is some form of explanation, the film seems to heavily rely on it’s cute effects and immersive premise but it’s never contained. The story isn’t fully explained, the anti-climatic ending ruined the film for me as it feels as thou the film hasn’t gone anywhere since it’s beginning and i’m still none the wiser to the simpliest of questions I’m asking myself:

Why are they there?

What is the purpose of the game?

Surely there is a bigger motive at hand?

Just to name a few.

A gripping sci-fi epic that just falls short of being incredible. The Call Up is the mouth-watering future of where gaming may potentially be heading and as long as the tech doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, my oh my am I looking forward to playing it!