The Biggest Bets In Fiction

gambling movies and shows

Film buffs and gambling aficionados alike will get something out of this fun new infographic documenting the greatest bets on-screen.

Documenting both wins and losses from classic 30s gangster films to modern day comedies, it spans from -$8.8 million to an extravagant +$115 million. While there are some seriously dramatic moments in there, there’s also some pretty unlikely situations throughout these stories.

In a South Park episode titled ‘Red Man’s Greed’, $300,000 is won on a single roulette spin. After the whole town bands together, they lose everything. It’s the perfect example of easy come, easy go in the gambling world.

gambling movies and shows

Another rare scenario sees Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz offhandedly win $3 million using a single quarter in a slot machine after drunkenly getting married the night before. Chaos ensues in the scenes that follow, where the couple is forced to stay together or risk losing the winning cash.

A true fun-fact from blockbuster movie ‘Ocean’s 11’ is the poor luck George Clooney had while making the film. Clooney lost a consecutive 25 blackjack hands on-set – a scenario where life definitely did not imitate art.

Aside from the unrealistic, the graphic covers some true stories, like the movie ‘21’ which documents the story of the real-life MIT Blackjack Team who won $650,000 in one night of gambling.

Whether you’re interested in the realistic or the plain outrageous, have a look through the greatest on-screen bets infographic and make your own mind up about which ones are the best.


Infographic: The Biggest Bets on Screen

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