The Best and Worst Movies of 2016

La La Land

This year I’ve written quite a few reviews here on Back to the Movies and it’s been exactly one year since I started doing so. 2016 has sadly brought us very little overall with a promising spring, an early summer boost with Civil War, and then it just sort of dipped and dipped until about a month ago here in LA. Movies like LA LA Land, Lion, Manchester By the Sea, Edge of Seventeen, etc stepped into play and one blockbuster in particular made for one hell of a galactic ending to the year.

Edge of Seventeen

Edge of Seventeen

As with most of Back to the Movies content I review movies just like I’m talking to my buddy over a beer about it. This entire year I never went into a single film with a notebook because we can’t just pause the projector to write whatever we want down. These three lists contain my best, worst, and favorite films of the year. I split it into three categories and ranking the best and worst films this year was tough, we’ve had some great movies, but also some real stinkers! This last month you’ll find over half the films on the lists.



LA LA Land is nothing short of beautiful. Lion is about a brother separated from his sibling at age 5 and thrust into another continent that will not rest until he finds the truth. Manchester By the Sea (Where I think Casey Affleck will take home the Best Actor award) is probably the saddest and most raw film I’ve ever seen. All three were done so well in such different ways that I’m crying and moved in multiple ways.

Let’s get started!

The Best of 2016

10. Green Room
9. Fences
8.  Demolition
7. Hacksaw Ridge
6. The Accountant
5. Hell or High Water
4. American Honey
3. LA LA Land
2. Lion
1. Manchester By the Sea


The ones I can definitely watch again and again and whom deserve an honourable mention are as follows:

10. Edge of Seventeen
9. Don’t Breathe
8. Lion
7. Manchester By the Sea
6. Demolition
5. The Purge: Election Year
4. Deadpool
3. Nerve
2. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
1. LA LA Land
There has been many stinkers this year but here are my Top 10 ranked:

The Worst of 2016

10. BFG
9. Neon Demon
8. Dirty Grandpa
7. Bad Santa 2
6. Morgan
5. Incarnate
4. Mothers Day
3. Ride Along 2
2. The Forest
1. The Disappointments Room
So as you can see there are a few Horrors in there. It was a dead year all around but it was a dead year for Horror especially other than the incredibly successful Lights Out. Some great nods to the best of action are Hell or High Water, Hacksaw Ridge, and The Accountant. Patriots Day was so close to making this list. You might not have even heard of a few of the films in the worst category and I wouldn’t dare give them a chance. Some movies you might have passed up are Mike and Dave and Edge of Seventeen. Give them a chance, both are great underrated comedies.
The Forest

The Forest

So that’s a wrap for 2016 guys. 2016 hasn’t been the best year for cinema but I have met some great folks along the way. 2017 looks promising and from what I’ve seen already, March is gonna rock! Once again I’m Kory aka @moviedude18 and I’ll be back a lot more next year but for now enjoy the new year and catch one of these awesome flicks above.
Happy New Year!
Written by Kory Davis