The Benefactor

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Coming to UK cinemas from 26th February.

Richard Gere, Dakota Fanning and Theo James star in The Benefactor – a dramatic and affecting thriller centring around one man’s downward spiral. Boasting an impressive A-list cast, grandoise cinematograhpy and moving performances across the board, this debut feature from Andrew Renzi firmly places him on the up and coming talent spectrum.

Five years after an eccentric and hedonistic philanthropist survives a car accident that kills his two married best friends, his overwhelming guilt remains, and the pain prevents him from moving on. Re-connecting with his friends’ orphaned daughter – newly-wed and pregnant Olivia (Fanning) – Franny (Gere) ingratiates hers and her husband’s lives in order to relieve his pain and recreate the friendship he lost. Compensating for the loss of his old friends, Franny seemingly altruistically supplies his new friends with limitless financial support. It isn’t long before his stress and grief resurface and his addictions lead to his inevitable downward spiral.