The Bay… An Environmental Horror?


The producers of horror hits “Sinister” and “Insidious” and the award-winning director of “Rain Man” team up to deliver a surprisingly unusual horror concept.

Academy Award winning director Barry Levinson (Rain Man; Sleepers), producers Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity; Sinister; Insidious), Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity; Insidious), Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity; Insidious) and rising star Kristen Connolly (The Cabin In The Woods).

Synopsis: The quaint coastal town of Claridge, Maryland thrives on the safe, tranquil and abundant waters of Chesapeake Bay. During their annual Independence imagesDay celebrations, a gruesome plague is unleashed, quickly infecting the residents and turning them against each other. A brutal and harrowing creature feature for the 21st century, “The Bay” graphically chronicles the descent of a small town into absolute terror.

Clips taken from video cameras, webcams, phones, all various technologies are all used in an unusual way that documents the events unfolding from all different person perspectives.
The film is centered around a junior reporter who is covering the 4th of July independence day events in Claridge, Maryland which suddenly turns into a much more serious “outbreak” coverage for our young reporter. The footage switches from various points of aspects from different people across the town and then focuses on the reporter who is telling the story after the events via a skype chat.
Maryland’s Annual festival shows a close knit community with a warm sense of spirit enjoying the celebrations of the day at hand. News then emerges of the bodies of 2 enviromental scientists fount in the bay who were researching  pollution levels in the water to report to an environmental council. Footage of the scientists are shown throughout the film as it references to a video diary they made of trying to discover the pollution causes.
During the festival anyone who has been in contact with the water, whether it be drinking water, swimming or contact of any kind, start to develop boils or spores of some kind across their bodies, a crab eating contest suddenly results into a puke fest as everyone who participated starts uncontrollably throwing up from the contaminated crabs they have consumed.
We then follow a police patrol who come across a body lying on the ground, the first death of many and the mystery continues. Various reports come in of strange behavior including footage of a woman in a backyard covered from head to toe in blood, throwing up constant flows body innards… which is very unsettling to watch.
Countless deaths later a doctor is keeping up with the constant flow of patients into his surgery, after examination of a patient they come to a conclusion that a parasite may be growing in each host and eating their way through each persons body from the inside.
The scientists discover fish in the water have been eaten aliveimages2 and they dissect various fish to discover these parasites eating away at the fish.. more reports come flying in as the cases get more and more sever.

It  turns out that the Bay has been constantly polluted with excrement from a local chicken farm along with a small nuclear leakage a few years before that has mutated parasites in the water altering their behavior to dangerous cannibalistic levels.

“The Bay” could put you off seafood and even drinking water for quite some time after the credits roll.. their are more than enough jump scenes and tension to make the film thoroughly watchable, and the thought that this could happen in real life makes it all the scarier. The gore and horror are more than enough to keep die hard horror fans happy. Their is only so much found footage film I can put up with but the movie switches from various stories and various types of recording equipment so it isn’t just one constant stream of mundane video.

I’d thoroughly recommended this found footage horror but would advise to drink something  other than water whilst  viewing !

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