The Badger Game Review

 A chronic philanderer falls victim to an extortion scheme when he is abducted by four masked strangers demanding retribution for his sins.


The Badger Game is the ultimate tale of revenge with a twist as finally we see a showcase of cinema that reveals the minds behind the masks.

Throughout many Horror movies we are displayed with the masked killer, hidden behind an identity of latex or rubber, hidden from the world and shadowed by the very item that covers their faces. The Badger Game goes one step further than not just revealing the killers but taking a bias side towards their motives and behind the scenes antics that we just don’t see in many other Horror movies, a glimpse into the mind of a killer.


The thing that is so great about this movie is how all four kidnappers are just ordinary people like you or me, the unsuspecting types who have grouped together and planned to teach someone a lesson, in front of their captive they are stern faced and menacing but outside of this enivornment their true selves show, it’s quite a horrifying thought to comprehend. Are we infact all wearing masks in our day to day lives? Hiding our true identities, it’s a question that echoes loudly throughout the duration of the movie.

Augie Duke plays the role of Alex who has been driven to the extreme when Liam (Sam Boxleitner) the man she loves has not only been sleeping around with other women, but has a secret life where he is married with children. Fed up with being treated like garbage she gets the help of her friend Jane (Sasha Higgins) who has also fallen victim to Liam’s charm and her brother Kip (Patrick Cronen) to help plot the perfect kidnapping with an intention to blackmail him for a total sum of 2 million dollars.

safe_imageWith Jane and Alex already recognizable to Liam, Alex asks her old friend Shelly to act as bait, to lure Liam in with her charm and set the kidnap up as flawlessly as possible.

As I’m sure you’ll have guessed by now things don’t go to plan and twist after twist and turn after turn this film develops into an amazingly interesting display based around such a simple idea. Your eyes are glued to the screen wondering what is happening next and it’s fascinating to see the evolution of ordinary people slowly step into new mentalities with quite frightening consequences.


A movie that steps away from being a gore-fest does have the odd one or two cringe-worthy moments but it only compliments a smooth flowing and well written narrative, The Badger Game is one of the best Horror movies I have seen for quite some time and I look forward to its UK release!