The average Brit makes 35 mistakes every week!

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  • Called someone the wrong name
  •  Bought the wrong thing
  •  Bought the wrong size of clothing
  • Forgot someone’s birthday
  •  Typed in your credit card pin incorrectly

The average Brit makes 35 mistakes every week, a study today revealed.

Researchers found everything from calling someone by the wrong name to sending an email to the wrong person means the average adult drops a clanger five times a day.

Over a year, this amounts to 1,820 mistakes at work, home and in relationships.

But while most mistakes are minor slip-ups such as forgetting someone’s birthday or typing in the wrong PIN number, some revealed they’d made more serious blunders like having an affair, doing something illegal and some even said getting married was a mistake.

It also emerged more than one in three have faced drastic consequences with a gaffe costing them their relationship, job or even their home.

A spokesman from A Walk Among the Tombstones, which commissioned the research to mark today’s Blu-ray and DVD release of the film said: ‘’It’s only human to make a few mistakes every now and then, but when you add up the different blunders, it can be amazing to see how many you make over a period of time.

‘’And while most mistakes are probably fairly minor, occasionally, you can slip-up on something a little more important, which may have a much more serious outcome.

“In A Walk Among the Tombstones, Liam Neeson plays Matthew Scudder, who makes a very serious mistake at the beginning of his career as a cop which ended up affecting his future work and relationships from then onwards.

‘No-one likes making mistakes, especially those which can end up with you feeling stressed or worried for days or even weeks afterwards.

‘’To make things even worse, sometimes a mistake can have an effect not only on your life, but on those around you, or even complete strangers – as was the case with Matthew Scudder in A Walk Among the Tombstones.

‘’But it’s how you deal with the mistake which is most important, and if you fix it in the right way, hopefully the error will soon be forgotten.’’

The study, of 2,000 adults, found almost half feel like they make a lot of mistakes in everyday life with calling someone by the wrong name the most common slip-up.

Buying the wrong things, or getting something in the wrong size, forgetting someone’s birthday and typing in your credit card PIN number incorrectly feature in the top five.

Wearing an item of clothing inside out came sixth followed by not sticking to instructions or recipes properly, sending a text message to the wrong person and not setting an alarm.

Missing a train completed the top ten.

Other common gaffes include forgetting to lock your car or front door when you go out, driving the wrong way down a one-way street, getting on the wrong train and messaging or phoning an ex.

Getting measurements wrong, not sending an email when you thought you had and sending the wrong attachment are also on the list.

But some slip-ups are a little more serious, with some even admitting to doing something illegal, having an affair, or lying on a CV or in a job interview.

Worryingly, nine per cent consider getting married to be a mistake they have made in the past.

The study also found 35 per cent have had to deal with a drastic fall-out from a mistake they have made in the past, with three in ten of those saying it led to the break-up of their relationship.

Another one in four lost a friend as the result of a blunder, while more than half admitted a mistake has cost them financially.

Fourteen per cent of those who have faced serious consequences ended up out of a job while almost one in ten even lost their home.

But rather than moving on after their slip-up, more than eight in ten usually end up worrying about how it will affect them.

While 18 per cent only worry for a matter of minutes, almost one in ten spend weeks after the mistake fretting.

Another one in twenty even admitted they sometimes stress about it for years.

And almost half say they have made at least one mistake in the past they have never really forgotten about.

A spokesman for A Walk Among the Tombstones added: ‘’Matthew Scudder never forgets about the mistake he made, as it’s one that affects the rest of his life, but one he ultimately learns from.

The survey was run to coincide with the release of A Walk Among the Tombstones, which is available on Blu-ray and DVD on out today.

Top 30 most common mistakes Brits make:

1.       Called someone the wrong name

2.       Bought the wrong thing

3.       Bought the wrong size of clothing

4.       Forgot someone’s birthday

5.       Typed in your credit card pin incorrectly

6.       Put an item of clothing on inside out

7.       Not followed instructions/recipes

8.       Sent a text message to the wrong person

9.       Not set your alarm

10.   Missed a train

11.   Forgot to lock your house

12.   Written an e-mail and deleting it by accident before sending

13.   Lied to a partner

14.   Forgot to lock your car

15.   Not put money aside/into savings

16.   Measuring something wrong when doing DIY/Buying new furniture

17.   Sent an email to the wrong person

18.   Missed a deadline

19.   Hit the alarm off button instead of the snooze button

20.   Sent the wrong attachment

21.   Bet too much money and lost it

22.   Drove down a one way street

23.   Did something illegal

24.   Got on the wrong train

25.   Got married

26.   Not gambled money on something, which then went on to come in

27.   Messaged your ex

28.   Had an affair

29.   Lied on my CV

30.   Lied in a job interview

How many mistakes have you made from this list?

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