The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review


Copyright of Sony Pictures

Copyright of Sony Pictures

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not keep you on the edge of your seat, but it will break your heart. Marvel’s second film in the web-slinging superhero’s reboot, which hit UK cinemas this weekend, owes its successes to the on-screen chemistry between off-screen couple Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacey). Despite this, there are still many flaws to the villain filled sequel. Maybe it’s because Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier packed such a punch, though you can’t help but notice that two thirds of the film feels like it’s lasting for an eternity. That having been said, not every movie to come out of a huge consumer-franchise has to feel like an action packed romp. Despite this the narrative in director Mark Webb’s comic-based film doesn’t flow naturally and in some places it feels like it’s stilted.

One factor that’s worth celebrating about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the sparks that fly between Garfield’s Peter Parker and Stone’s Gwen Stacey. It’s evident from the amount of effort that’s gone into creating the passion and tension between the two that Stacey’s fate hangs in the balance. Only the heart-stopping events in the last part of the movie cause us to realise exactly why the creators had us rooting for Gwen Stacey.

The plot itself feels crowded. High voltage villain Electro rules the sequel, but the Green Goblin also makes an appearance. Dane DeHaan’s portrayal of Harry Osborn is a more accurate representation of teenage angst compared to James Franco in the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy. Not only this, but his performance when Osborn’s character is breaking apart is much more filled with expression and emotion than in any previous Spider-Man films where the young Osborn has made an appearance.

Copyright of Sony Pictures

Copyright of Sony Pictures

There are plenty of things for fans of the comics to be pleased about here: one is the archetypal element of Spider-Man’s personality as a superhero, and the other is the Easter eggs for the Sinister Six (Doc Oc’s armour makes a brief cameo). Spider-Man has always been more comedic and witty in comparison to other Marvel superheroes, and it’s obvious from the one-liners and cheeky dialogue that Andrew Garfield is having fun with his part whilst battling the criminals of New York.

If there’s anything amazing about the second instalment of the spider-hybrid hero, it’s the special effects. A first person camera-angle gives us a more exciting glimpse of what it’s like to swing through the streets high above the activity below, whilst also just simply looking pretty cool. Props to the CGI team on this one, as they also managed to thrill us with their slow-motion Spider-Man dives from building to building.

There’s something unique about this Marvel production, including the love story between Parker and Stacey. Other than this it felt like the main attraction of the villains didn’t really deliver. It’s obvious that it’s partially been crafted to set up the next Amazing Spider-Man (which is currently due for 2016), but it felt like a more gripping approach could have been taken.

Guest Post Review by – Vikki Baker

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