Texas Chainsaw Massacre Maze Review Universal Studios


Well movie lovers and horror enthusiasts Halloween is here! Everyone be safe but have fun and enjoy what I feel is a majorities favorite holiday. For today I’m tackling the final two mazes at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and the 3 part maze for American Horror Story.

First let’s talk about Leatherface. With bringing Freddy, Jason, and Michael back into the mix it wouldn’t be fitting without good ole Leatherface would it? Two years ago Universal had him as a centerpiece alone. Infact they’ve had mazes for all the kings of horror this year which works out quite well because they have all the basic sets and costumes. 

Check out this walkthrough video from Sharp Productions below:

What I really loved was that they stayed true to the original film. There’s a centerpiece room with good ole grandpa and this maze clearly has fun with the gore of it all. In one room you literally have to push through giant and very heavy blood soaked hogs. This maze also had the best actors and characters. It  incorporated my favorite character Chop Top from part 2 but in the world of the first film. Even Halloween 2 cheated with putting a character from 3 in there so we can let them off I suppose. There was literally a Leatherface at every turn and I’m glad Universal decided to not use real chainsaws even without the chain. I think it’s possible that while Freddy VS Jason is my favorite this one was so much fun because it was interactive. It’s a shame to think that now that all these icons are present this year it’ll be at least 2-3 years before we see them again.

Review by Kory Davis