Terminally Happy (Short Film) Review

Terminally Happy Short Film

With eerie resemblances to Black Mirror, short film Terminally Happy ushers us into a near futuristic future where through pharmecutical experimentation an opiate has been developed that will end a fast rising suicide rate.

Terminally Happy has the slogan ‘In order to remember, you first need to forget’ which asks more questions than it answers within this short time frame. Although within that time the film address loss and remembrance whilst wrapping it tightly around a sci-fi exterior. We are never exposed to what is going on in the outside world, or why a company is developing such a drug. But what we do know is that the doctor is experimenting on himself for research purposes. Evie (Emma Campbell-Jones) and the father Louis (Alastair Mackenzie) are arguing about their son Oscar (William Stagg) eating his breakfast and going to school on time. The simplest of arguments that I assume took a turn for the worse later that day.

The musical score adds to the feeling of unease and contributes to an overall futuristic yet baffling experience. A film that keeps you guessing from start to finish but one that raises far more questions than answers.


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