Tense and Creepy. The Madame In Black Review

madamn in black short film

Based off a Swedish horror legend The Madame in Black is a 2017 horror short film about a pair of siblings who test this legend and it turns out it might actually be true.

Saying The Madame in Black into the mirror three times unleashes the witch who will slay those who awaken her. The whole connection to mirrors and the spirit world is quite a saturated tale but The Madame in Black has a high production value and feels very appealing despite its familiar origins.

In its small runtime, we skip over the saturated character building and filler and get straight to the good stuff. It’s heart in mouth viewing, tense and creepy and it’s well presented. It has a classic vibe yet has a Woman in Black style eeriness to it. A heavy atmosphere and one too many jump scares make The Madame in Black quite an interesting watch and once again is another film that clues me up on what not to say in front of a mirror.


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