Tales of Halloween Review

Tales of Halloween is a 10 segment anthology directed by 11 of Horrors biggest filmmakers, including Neil Marshall (The Descent), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III and IV), Lucky McKee (The Woman) and Mike Mendez (Big Ass Spider!).

Tales of Halloween all takes place in one suburban town, which in one frightful night consists of psychotic killers, supernatural entities and the devil himself!

As with all anthologies they contain strong and weak segments and Tales is no different, the run through of all 10 short films all convey the same style and tone but some shy away from the Horror aspect and add more comedy into proceedings where as others really stay true to the good ol Horror scareathon vibe.

tales-of-halloween The Night Billy Raised Hell

My personal favorites of the bunch were The Night Billy Raised Hell and Sweet Tooth. The Night Billy Raised Hell was a short film about a boy who on Halloween is kidnapped by the devil himself and wreaks havok on the local town, now the film itself comes off cartoony, very Horror spoof reminiscent but ultimately very entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it, including it’s smart twist at the end. Sweet Tooth on the other hand is the direct opposite, conveying a very serious tone and it was a short that was actually quite chilling to watch, something that rarely happens with these Horror anthologies, they either drag on, or they’re too short to have any spine tingling impact, Sweet Tooth hit hard, hit fast and I loved it.


As with these anthologies there were some weaker links within the chain, but reviewing the anthology as a whole it paid a wonderful tribute to Halloween and consisted of some really nice little tales with some great cameos from Mike Mendez and Lombardo Boyar thrown in there.

Tales of Halloween is by no means a frightening affair, consider it a Goosebumps for grownups, but if you’re looking for something fun, cheerful with a dash of Horror in places, then Tales is the perfect collection of terrific tales to watch whilst eating all of that Halloween candy, but remember, always leave a candy bar out for sweet tooth!