Taken 3 trailer gives WAY too much away!

The Taken franchise is based on a simple premise, someone related to former CIA operative Bryan Mills (Neeson) gets abducted, it is then up to Bryan to hunt the kidnappers down and kill them off one by one until he is reunited with the taken family member, quite an easy action concept to understand don’t you think?

However it seems the Taken 3 trailer not only outlines the premise of the movie but spoils the majority of it too and here’s why.

Now straight away the whole story seems to revolve around the story of Lenore (Famke Janssen) Bryan’s ex wife / rekindled lover being murdered, with Bryan Mills (Neeson) going on the hunt to find her killers whilst seemingly being framed for the crime. This is NOT a spoiler just simply what anyone viewing the trailer above will take from that particular viewing.

Now strike me if I’m wrong but that is quite a plot spoiler!

The mystery surrounding Lenore’s death should’ve been kept a secret, she’s a main character who is closely related to Liam Neeson’s character Bryan and this would have provided a nice little twist within the story, an added shock value, but already a major plot point has been spoiled from the trailer alone, regardless of the new Taken movie premise.

Next comes the action scenes, now I know that this is a Taken movie but the majority of this trailer has just spoiled what must be some of the higher budget action sequence within the film. A simple ploy to get bums on seats but when you come around to actually watching it on the big screen a funny Déjà vu feeling may occur.

We wish Liam the best of luck with Taken 3 but who ever cut the trailer needs ‘taking away’.

Taken 3 memeTaken 3 is just our prime example in this particular article. Are trailers now spoiling the movie at every opportunity as thou we’ve already seen the film?

So we have Comedy films giving away their funniest moments, Action movies giving away their best sequences, Romance movies giving away the most heartfelt tear jerking moments in a two minute trailer.

Your thoughts?

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