Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2013 Review

TLC_2014_DVD_2D_png_290x290_q92The final WWE PPV event of 2013 brings fans one of the most important matches ever as John Cena and Randy Orton compete in a TLC Match to crown the first ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

TLC featured the epic Champion vs. Champion TLC match as WWE Champion Randy Orton took on World Heavyweight Champion John Cena! Meanwhile Daniel Bryan took on the Wyatt family in a handicap match whilst CM Punk was also in action as he too was out numbered 3 to 1 against The Shield!

I personally thought a TLC DVD with only one TLC match kind of sucked but who am I to question the WWE who are always right…….  well…. not lately, oh hello CM Punk !

Amongst a shocking display of poor matches the 3 on 1 Handicap CM Punk match with The Shield was a joy to watch, the Fatal 4 way Elimination match was superb, with Rey Mysterio only in the ring for the least amount of time and yet still out shone everyone else standing around him in a matter of seconds. His agility, pace and over all crowd awing moves still impress to this day.

The finale the big John Cena and Randy Orton fight finally lived up to its TLC event name and actually involved some tables, a few chairs and some ladders ! The match was the standard run of the mill match, for a match that was about to go down in history nothing jaw dropping actually happened. So when the final bell rung a certain someone was crowned heavyweight champion but by now my interest had faded and I await the next WWE DVD that hopefully has more action than this bog standard release.

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