Survivor Series 2013 Review

S_SERIES_2013_DVD_2DSURVIVOR SERIES 2013 features John Cena defending his World Heavyweight Championship against the man he took it from at Hell in a Cell, Alberto Del Rio! Meanwhile WWE Champion Randy Orton defends his Championship against the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show!

SURVIVOR SERIES also saw the long awaited return of the high flying former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio as he teamed with The Usos and WWE Tag Team Champions The Rhodes Brothers against The Shield and The Real Americans. The Beard and The Best, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk also teamed up to take on the Wyatt Family, and AJ Lee led a team of WWE Divas in a 7 on 7 Survivor Series Elimination match against the cast of Total Divas.


This show has some great matches on it but the one stands out to us is the 5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match. We’re big fans of multi-person tag team matches, particularly the classic Survivor Series matches. This 5-on-5 Elimination match demonstrates perfectly what have made these so exciting, unique & memorable, while at the same time proving that a match such as this can aid the careers of up and coming WWE Superstars for years to come.

Another personal favorite was the Mark Henry vs Ryback match for the pure comedic value that these guys are by far too big to be classed as athletes, a message of raw pow and intense strength just blew me away.

Aside from those few the matches were poor in quality, the Wyatt family Vs CM Punk and Daniel Bryan didn’t sparkle, we’re not big fans of the Wyatt family, they serve no purpose in the WWE or its story line. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are of much higher quality to be even in the same ring as them.

Cena Vs Del Rio is a basic match, with Cena’s injury exposed at Hell in the Cell, its only right that Del Rio would go after the same arm injury once again, I don’t know for some reason this PPV doesn’t stand out to any kind of quality or entertainment.. Oh how we can’t wait to Wrestlemania where hopefully we can see some actual entertainment.

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