Supersonic Review


Mat Whitrecross explores one of the biggest British bands of all time, Oasis. The ins and outs, the fights, the ego’s and a surprisingly shallow look into this music defining band.From rehearsal footage, to interviews with the band, Supersonic goes into detail about how the band was formed, some antics on the road and playing the famous Knebworth gig infront of around 250,000 people.Notoriously arrogant and rightly so, Oasis rise to fame from ordinary Manchester scruffs to world-beating rock stars is nicely explored in Supersonic but rather glimpsed over in stages, lots of fast forwarding, nothing too in-depth and nothing that most fans wouldn’t know about them already. Supersonic isn’t a ground-breaking educational documentary but more an appreciation piece for these legends of British music history.
js90093500Sex, drugs and rock n roll were their motto, living life to the max and mad for it every step of the way. Funny moments are a plenty in this documentary, even if it’s laughing at some questionable fashion and hairstyles from the band, or any of Liam’s or Noel’s various quips and jokes throughout the programme.

The documentary shows some great footage of their early shows and even practising songs in what looks to be a garage or lock-up of some kind. Recording studio footage is also incredible to see as we see Liam in the studio recording Champagne Supernova and instantly the nolstagia comes racing back and as a fan, you can’t help but admire the talent of Noel’s writing and Liam’s signature sound.

Whitehouse claimed that Supersonic could have been several hours long, and I kind of wish it had been, a full box-set of history to really dwell into the band and all of their history rather than going over it with a fine toothcomb and fishing out common knowledge.

It’s laugh out loud funny and one of a kind, Supersonic is a little toned down but overall a great documentary to watch!

Throw some Manchester football mad ‘hooligans’ together, add a pinch of illegal narcotics and a few cracking songs and you get Supersonic. I was mad for it!
With unprecedented access to the band, contributions from family and the road crew and incredible unseen archive material, SUPERSONIC follows the group through the mayhem and success of the 1990s in a thrilling homage to a band that influenced a generation and defined the sound of an era.

SUPERSONIC is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Download October 31.