Superman Better Than Captain America Says Cavill

Forget the (for the most parts) snoozefest that was Batman V Superman, there is a battle waging on much more intense and wide-scale. DC Vs Marvel and Chris Evans was the one to cast the first stone.

Chris Evans made comments recently saying that no-one can ever copy a Marvel movie when asked about a certain DC film lately and like the slightly arrogant guy is he Henry Cavill has fired back by stating Superman is better than Captain America, and uses an image of the Black Widow herself (Scarlett Johansson) to make his statement.

Cavill posted an image of himself as Clark Kent with a microphone holding it up to an advertisement with Johansson photo on: “Reporting in from Huawei P9 launch event in Shanghai and according to my sources Superman is indeed better than Captain America # P9 #Huawei #Shanghai #ScarlettJohansson Chris Evans #girlscoutcookies” the caption read.

Game on!