Steven Smith Interview

Can you tell us what Haunted is all about?
Haunted is a NEW take on the classic found footage genre – the difference here is that this footage is real as we didn’t let everyone know what was going to happen to achieve a REAL REACTION to scary situations.Now after researching the film there was an unusual  event where an actual ghostly apparition appeared on camera totally unscripted and unrelated to the film, could you describe what happened there?You will have to see the film and extras to know what happened.

The film has a very raw Blair Witch feel to it, with the film being shot from a camera point perspective what films inspired you to make Haunted as it seems to have nods to the odd few here and there throughout the film?

Paranormal Activity and episodes of Most Haunted, but they all looked fake. I wanted to create and experiment in film and see how people really react to real fear.

What has been the response from the people who have seen the film so far?

They love it. Lets hope we have many more people buying or renting it.Do you feel as thou independent horror is rising into a class of its own especially with great projects like Haunted out there?
Yes – who needs film school when there is a new kind of education, pick up a camera and experiment. Now Haunted has been released just in time for Hallowen on Amazon, Video on Demand, and even pre-orders to be made, what words of encouragement would you give to potential buyers out there to persuade them to buy your film?
If you love this type of genre buy it. If you are new to horror then give it a try. Remember Indie films are only made because of the fans buying them.