Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and I.T get a reboot


Pet Semetary - I.T

Looks like two classic horror movies are in for a reboot! Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and IT are in the process of being made!

Screenwriter David Kajganich jumped on board for the chance to work on both movies. He recently talked with King’s fanclub, Lilja’s Library about his love for Pet Sematary:

I should say up front that Pet Sematary is my favorite King novel and adapting it was one of the best screenwriting experiences I’ve had, creatively speaking. In its modern way, I think it is easily the equal of anything in the literary canon by Hawthorne or Poe, so I approached the book as a piece of literature as opposed to a horror concept to be pillaged. It was a pure pleasure.”  

But sadly, Kajganich had differences with Paramount and cancelled his involvement with the movie.

After I turned in my first draft, Paramount went through a top-down regime change and I was given a new executive who had creative ideas I just couldn’t stand behind. They wanted to appeal to younger audiences, so there was talk of making a teenaged Ellie the main character, and etc. It was really heartbreaking, but that’s how the process works sometimes. The studio was gracious enough to let me out of my contract and the project was dormant at the studio until very recently.” Kajganish said.  

Matthew Greenburg was later announced that he will be writing the script for Pet Sematary. Greenburg will work alongside Jeff Buhler ( known for writing The Midnight Meat Train (2008) and Insanitarium(2008) ) and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo ( directed Intacto and 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to Danny Boyle‘s 28 Days Later)  for the remake.

Pet Sematary may be out of Kajanich plans but IT definitely has high hopes to be a great horror remake.  Kajanich explained his approach on the movie and how it will be much different than the original:

I think the Pennywise in this adaptation is a less self-conscious of his own irony and surreality than was Tim Curry’s Pennywise. I think it will be harder to laugh at his antics since, under the permissiveness of an R rating, I was able to give him back a lot of his more upsetting moments from the novel, ones that could never be aired on network television.”  

No plans yet on when the movies will be released. Horror fans should keep a look out for more news about these classic horror movies that will be appearing on the big screen again!

Pet Sematary trailer:

IT trailer:

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