#Starvecrow Review

Starvecrow Promo Shot 1 (Ben Willens & Ashlie Walker)Listed as the world’s first selfie movie #Starvecrow is an impactful insight into the lives of ordinary folk, portrayed by actors as they improv and guide their own way through a story of their own making.

The film is part of a genre known as Hypereal, the genre consists of Indie feature films that look like they really happened with actors inventing their own characters, improvising scenes and filming themselves and each other.

Starvecrow Promo Shot 3 (Kelly Hotten)

Writers James Carver and David Bark Jones  have crafted something of beauty with a wonderful ensemble of acting talent as they improvise their own lives and record snippets of everyday life with an essence of darkness behind the scenes. Nothing is as it seems, by day the world is your oyster and the grass is always green but there is always a sinister vibe behind all the characters that is subtly hinted early on in the movie, everyone has secrets, some worse than others and #Starvecrow really showcases the true to life nature of human beings albeit in an over-exaggerated fashion.
Starvecrow Promo Shot 2 (Skye Lourie)
The film is an interesting watch which throughout its runtime keeps you questioning who to trust and who to route for, there are too many twists and turns throughout the movie that you cannot trust anyone and this provides somewhat of a distraction to the story, you always need someone to route for and I imagine you will come out of watching this movie not even being able to trust your own friends or family, cue paranoia mode.
It’s a powerful display of real life situations, hiding behind webs of lies, deceit and drama. Exposure of human nature on an immense scale and although the runtime was slightly too long to keep a hold of its initial grip, it still provides a unique and revolutionary piece of cinema.