SPOILER ALERT – First Look Inside James Bond Themed A-BOX

James Bond A-BOX

If you’re an avid viewer of our YouTube videos you’ll know that in-between piecing together an intricate DeLorean model, the odd comic-con visit, VLOGS and a few interviews here and there we have some unboxing videos of the almighty A-BOX. A monthly subscription box from a company who deal directly with film studios in creating licensed merchandise and unique premiere items.

A-BOX is a new company who have blown the mundane subscription box doors wide open with their limited edition boxes. Their one off limited edition Alien: Covenant box is probably one of the strongest film themed boxes I’ve ever seen and they followed up with a rather nice (albeit not as good) Kingsman: The Golden Circle limited edition box. With items that are practical, unique and last but not least, amazing!

James Bond A-BOX

I feel as though A-BOX’s strong suit lies in their limited edition boxes, having experienced their monthly boxes I can’t help but think some of the magic of the limited edition boxes should be passed down to the monthly boxes as the gulf between the standard boxes and the limited edition boxes is enormous.

It’s with great pleasure thou however that A-BOX has given me a little glimpse into their upcoming James Bond limited edition box. A box that was worked on directly with EON Productions, the film production company behind the James Bond movies themselves. Knowing this is a studio collaboration in addition to it being our nation’s favourite spy. I can only hope, dream and admire all the amazing goodies that may be trapped inside.

James Bond A-BOX

The James Bond Limited Edition A-BOX is available to PRE-ORDER HERE.

If you just can’t wait to see what’s inside we have a sneak peek at two of the items included in the box by clicking the red text links below. A nice little glimpse into the quality of the product that we will be getting in this next limited edition instalment. It’s time to pull on that tux, and get ready as A-BOX has shaken (not stirred) up the subscription box community and this next box may be their classiest yet!



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