Speed Quizzing

Test your movie knowledge at a speed quiz event

Quizzes have long remained an enjoyable activity for people of all ages to test their knowledge against friends or local residents in the pub. The latter has ultimately defined the ethos of participating in a quiz, with pubs organising events in order to attract new customers and ensure everyone enjoys their evening. Teaming up with a group of friends or family members can not only make for a fun night, but also put many brains together to extend the range of knowledge that may be vital towards answering questions on a variety of topics.

Although certain quiz events are based upon a specific line of questions, such as sports and music quizzes, general knowledge is the most prominent genre chosen as it enables a quiz host to cover every topic within a set number of rounds. Film enthusiasts can contribute within an overall team effort, with the movie industry offering a plethora of nostalgia for questions based on directors, actors, film titles and famous moments to name but a few options available. Their flexibility and relatable qualities are more often than not included within a quiz, with hosts being able to choose the difficulty level to ensure participants have to utilise an array of knowledge in order to come first.

From paper to handheld device

Like every other type, film questions have to be answered through a pen and paper format which has defined the long-standing tradition of quiz participation. Quiz hosts provide each team with variable numbers of sheets in which to write down the answer to questions during each round. The only variation that is often included within the traditional quiz is a picture round, where teams are handed a piece of paper with numerous pictures on that could depict anything of a quiz master’s choosing. This could include famous faces, music bands or football club logos which may not be linked to the overall theme of the quiz, but provide a different form of knowledge test. Film-based picture rounds may feature famous actors and actresses, or scenes from movies which quiz teams must write down the title of.

While traditional methods are efficient, considerable efforts have been made to find a modernistic alternative that may transform the future of quiz events. The speedquizzing.com pub quiz system is based upon an app which can be downloaded onto any smartphone or tablet device that connects to a computer used by the quiz master via a wireless internet connection. The app effectively transforms each handheld device into a control pad that enables each team to answer questions electronically. From multiple choice questions on movie trivia to naming the film actor or actress during a picture round, the device changes in accordance with the required controls to answer the question. A multiple choice round on Brad Pitt films provides four buttons between A and D to press on the touchscreen, while naming a specific film title may provide a keyboard to type down the answer and send it electronically to the quiz host. Alternatively, teams may have to tap their smartphone or tablet screen to buzz in to answer a question offered to everyone out loud by the quiz host, or be shown an imagine on their device which they have to buzz in and shout the answer to.

The future of pub quizzes

The introduction of using smartphone and tablet devices to effectively answer questions not only eradicates the traditional method of pen and paper, but also removes the possibility of anyone cheating by accessing the answers or information online via their device. The speedquizzing system provides 10 seconds between each question in a round which creates an interactive, fast-paced quiz that keeps everyone on their toes and awards extra points for getting the right answer in the fastest time. Throughout every question and round, the computer stores all the information and scores as the quiz continues; the modernistic method is more efficient in preventing cheating as teams do not have enough time to change their answer or find information through unfair means. More importantly, it creates a free-flowing quiz that functions perfectly and allows participants to not only experience an enjoyable night, but also the future of quizzes.

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