Sony Pictures Studio Tour Review


sony-pictures-entertainment-officeSo we went to Sony Pictures in Culver City and decided to go on one of their world renoun tours, so I booked a ticket and approached a beautiful glass building that was gleaming in the hot Californian sunshine. I had not even started the tour yet and already I was blown away by the beautiful architecture of the building and inside was an array of screen used props from Ghost Rider, Talladega nights and Spiderman. I was so glad to arrive early so I could look around their almost miniature museum of movie goodies and props.

The first part of the tour was to have your picture taken by a green screen which would then be printed and handed to you at the end of the tour, with me being in LA for the first time my emotions were mixed I was in awe at everything so this review may seem bias. But for a movie fanatic to be surrounded by studio workers and studio artefacts its a film lovers dream come true.

We walked down a corridor and into a small theatre that showed a 10 minute video about the history of Columbia and now Sony Pictures, we were told it would be a walking tour which didn’t bother me too much but the older people in the group had a few things to say about this.

We proceeded across the road to the studio and into the Columbia Pictures offices, there were oscars all around the room from every motion picture that Sony had won an award for, the security guard then came over to our tour guide and whispered something. We found out that moments before Adam Sandler had just walked through into a meeting and if we were 10 minutes earlier we could of seen him and had pictures etc.. my mouth dropped, we missed Adam Sandler ! God dammit !!

Breaking Bad RV

Our next stop was a walk to the foley stage where they discussed all the makings of sound effects for various pictures, we took a stroll down their various facilities and saw many Breaking Bad items on display, one of Sony’s highest grossing TV shows, there were props from the set and even Walter White’s car and a bullet ridden RV that was used in the show. Along with those vehicles there was Will Ferrell’s car from Talledega Nights and a pest control truck used in Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad don’t get me wrong but I would to of love to of seen the Ghostbusters car or Kato’s car from the Green Hornet but nevermind.

The tour was informative but very short, We walked around sound stages but not into anything that was shooting at the moment, empty sound stages are great to learn about but if there is nothing going on in there then naturally its a little boring. We did however take a trip to the Wheel of Fortune set, I’m not a big fan myself but it was cool to see the seating layout, the wheel and of course how the game show was run, it was very informative and rather fun never the less !

We continued to walk around the various lots and low and behold I see Frank Coraci yes the guy I interviewed on Back to the Movies as he was walking to a soundstage to finish up his film Blended starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. This made my day as not only had I interviewed but we chat all the time so it really made the tour worth while for me.

All in all the Sony tour was great, it was informative and if you don’t mind walking you’ll have a great time. There wasn’t much shooting when I went so it wasn’t the busiest of days so naturally for me personally it wasn’t the best tour of my stay, the website said we’d be seeing artists at work and if that meant seeing extra’s eat their sandwiches then well.. yeah.. that was about it really. Our souvenir picture was a great little addition to the day and it came out great (see below)

A great informative tour but you get what you pay for.. its pretty basic and there was no VIP option with this tour, so drinking beers with Adam Sandler was not on the cards.

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