So Bad it’s Good? No, It’s Just Bad. Zoombies Review

zoombies review

When a strange virus quickly spreads through a safari park and turns all the zoo animals undead, those left in the park must stop the creatures before they escape and zombify the whole city.

Just looking at the poster you know this movie is destined for the SyFy channel. This Sharknado / creature feature ‘so bad it’s good’ movie genre that is sweeping the nation. Earlier this week I covered Snakes Outta Compton and now I’m watching an animal being turned into zombies on a badly CG animated adventure.

Cliche’ cast and poor plot aside you think you could just dis-engage your brain and watch it and don’t get me wrong I did but I still couldn’t find myself REALLY enjoying it even in my zombie drool mode. I found the acting to be rather poor bar the odd character here and there (most notably Kim Nielsen and Ione Butler) and the CGI was nothing short of awful. I’ve been animation classes in high-school with better-rendered models than this flick. They really were awful. The less said about them the better as I tried to salvage something else from this feature.

The saving grave of this movie is when the horde of ‘Zoombies’ pick off the cast one by one. I rather enjoyed a group of zombie monkeys tearing apart some research scientists and I was rooting for the animals throughout the entire feature. At this point and only at this point I was able to really enjoy the movie. The kills were interesting and for a split second you forget about the bad CGI and enjoy the carnage.

Overall I wasn’t a big fan of Zoombies it certainly will never meet up to the likes of Sharknado or other bigger creature feature spectacles such as Big Ass Spider for instance. With better CGI, acting and more depth in terms of the script this could have been a really unique feature, but I feel budgetary constraints committed this film to the bottom of the bargain bin even before release. The so bad it’s good movie goes out of the window here as it’s just bad, really, really, bad. I had high hopes for this movie and its trailer is one of the most popular on our YouTube page. But while Zoombies attempts extremely goofy fun (in places) for 99% of the film you just wish that the closest animal in a one-mile radius to you would quickly tear you into tiny pieces to save you from watching anymore.

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