‘SMILF’ TV Review

SMILF review

I’m really enjoying the sexy black comedy SMILF, which is half-way through its debut season on Showtime, and I’m happy to have just learned that Season 2 has officially been ordered by the network. Created by its star Frankie Shaw, the show centers on Shaw’s character, Bridgette, a sex-happy single mom from working-class Boston, who shares custody of her adorable son with the boy’s father, Rafi (Miguel Gomez, excellent). Rafi’s got a hot new girlfriend (Samara Weaving) who actually gets along with Bridgette (one of the show’s nice twists on a familiar set-up), and Bridgette works as a tutor/nanny for a rich family (the awesome and thoroughly beautiful Connie Britton is the mom with tricks up her sleeve…) while harboring a dream of playing basketball in the WNBA. Rosie O’Donnell is very good as Bridgette’s all-over-the-place mother. This show is funny, fresh, edgy (look for a particularly graphic sex joke in episode two…), and light on its feet while still throwing in hardcore drama to keep everything interesting. It’s been a great recent discovery. And the Run Lola Run-inspired episode was wonderful.

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  • Kathleen says:

    I am used to going on Imdb and finding out what certain songs are after hearing them on episodes but I dont see anywhere on here where that info is given anymore. I love the music from Smilf and would love the know the names of the songs