Sky High Review


Sky High is a total blast of fun. Released in the late summer of 2005, this is basically a live-action version of Pixar’s The Incredibles, with Kurt Russell starring as a Super Dad whose entire family consists of various superheroes. Conceived in the 90’s by Paul Hernandez and fleshed out by Disney animation staff writers Robert Schooley (Hotel for Dogs), and Mark McCorkle (Monsters vs Aliens), the film was energetically directed by Mike Mitchell (Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo), and has an incident-packed narrative that doesn’t skimp on quirky character beats or smart-aleck humor. It’s colorful, it’s witty, and all of the performances are in on the joke and totally earnest in all the proper ways. This is easily Russell’s most underappreciated performance as an actor, while Michael Angarano, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kelly Preston, Danielle Panabaker, Steven Strait, Cloris Leachman, and ex-Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter all offered great support.


Oh, and Bruce Campbell basically runs away with the entire film. Shelly Johnson’s vibrant cinematography is a huge plus, while the score by Michael Giacchino hits all the proper notes of familial triumph. Sadly, Sky High didn’t blast off at the domestic box office, as it probably seemed too quaint for our current in-your-face society; it grossed roughly $65 million in the states. But there’s something about this film that makes it special in a sea of family-oriented content.

Review by Nick Clement