Sisters Review

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Saturday Night Live stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as sisters who are very urgent to re-visit their youth by throwing one last party in their childhood home before it goes up for sale.

Throughout the first hour of this movie I was starting to gaffa tape my eyes open as the dry humour, tasteless jokes and vulgar sentences didn’t seem to gel with me, the film was trying too hard to be a fratboy comedy with female leads and it just came across very unusual. Having anyone throwing swear-words every five seconds in a script is a pet peeve of mine and this film had to lower the tone and class to a gutter level to get laughs and even then didn’t manage to pull it off.

Sisters Party

So with the first 60 minutes of the movie being rather redundant the film starts to slowly pick up as the party begins. Hilarious party moments and a scene stealing John Cena cameo brighten up proceedings as all of these characters try to recapture their youth.

Cena plays a larger than life drug-dealer that drops one-liners with ease, John is really coming into his own in the acting world and can easily be compared to Channing Tatum in terms of his comedic potential.

Action packed in segments, heartfelt in another but at the end of the day Sisters is the kind of movie to watch when you’re too drunk to move or if nothing else better is on the TV, although it did kind of grow on me as the movie went on. Cut out the first 45 minutes of the movie and my review would of been totally different.

Sisters is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.