Sin City returns to the big screen !

Screening across Cineworld and Picturehouse Cinemas

Back on the big screen: 24 August

Coinciding with the release of its long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel, Miramax’s Sin City is returning to UK cinemas nationwide for one day only on 24 August. Screening in a special double bill with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, this reissue is the perfect chance for fans to immerse themselves in the brutal brilliance of the most graphic of graphic novel adaptations.
Basin City is a town beyond salvation. A godless, lawless urban sinkhole where revenge trumps redemption, the cops are criminals, and unfortunate inhabitants live by the sword and die by the dozen. Told through a series of connected vignettes, Sin City is a violent slice of life that takes in key local attractions and casts a murky light on regular Basin City pastimes. Robert Rodriguez faithfully recreates Frank Miller’s pulp-inspired source material, plotting a path through its streets of vice that moves from assassinations on penthouse balconies and police shootouts at the docks to executions in the penitentiary and gang wars in the red-light district. Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba and Mickey Rourke lead an ensemble cast as a few of the doomed denizens circling Basin City’s plughole.
Miramax’s Sin City returns to UK cinemas nationwide for one day only on 24 August screening across Cineworld and Picturehouse Cinemas.

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