SIMON Review

SIMON film

Simon is a film that revolves around an investigative Journalist who thinks she’s found a serial killer, and breaks into his place to find the evidence. Only when he come’s back it becomes a game of cat and mouse with deadly consequences.

Simon is a zero budget movie that you can’t judge by it’s cover. Look past the amateur cinematography and audio the film has an interesting plot-line and is backed up with convincing performances in part that help to drive the story and keep you watching. The story is simple, the premise is smooth flowing but it’s the subtle approach to the script that gives it a defined edge. Nothing is rushed or forced and everything has a very natural flowing progression to it until the end where the film almost drops off and ends too suddenly in my opinion.

Chris Bell puts in a scarily convincing performance as serial killer Simon, he has a sinister look to him throughout, always contrasting between this false portrayal of the good guy, a thin veil that hides his true personality. Quite a captivating performance that is dampened only by the constricting budget of the film.

If you have an afternoon free, there are better movies to watch than this one right here, but if you want to appreciate the dedication of no-budget film makers and admire a good story then you can’t go far wrong with Simon.