Advertise With Us

At the moment Back to the Movies currently offers two types of advertisement placement on our site. The 300×250 box ad and a full background takeover ad. Both slots are a perfect way to showcase your film, production, product or brand to a wide film loving audience.

Included within the purchase of your advert, all advertisers will get Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and article promotion across our wide scale social media presence.

Our limited ad space on our website was designed with the advertisers in mind, you don’t want your project overlooked or overloaded with surrounding ads, each ad is specifically placed in our side bar which is organized and un-cluttered. Get your brand seen!

Types of Ad

Background Takeover (£350 a month)

Take over the entire background of our website for only £350 a month! Get your brand seen for an extremley competitive price per day. Contact us for details.

EW300×250 (£200 a month)

Ad can display still images or you can embed video trailers or external links to your HTML Ad.





Sponsored Posts (Price: Negotiable)

Do you have a product / service you would like to promote? If it complies with our requirements and meets the right audience that we feel we have here at Back to the Movies then you can have your content on our site to show to our ever growing fan base ! Contact us for details.

Paid Competitions (Price: £50 a Day)

Our competitions are BTTM’s strongest asset, with our huge Twitter following and connections to various competition forums, sites and our mailing list we can gain the maximum exposure for any competition, from a DVD to a Holiday we can guarantee large traffic numbers, high volumes of entries and impressive interaction figures. Just message us for more details!

Product Reviews (Price: Negotiable)

Do you have a product or line of products you’d like us to review? We have product review slots open to personally review any item you wish to send us as long as its within the movie / entertainment related genre. We will review your items and post the videos on our YouTube page to market your product/company. Our YouTube page has now flown past one million views and we are still in it’s early days of development. The time is perfect for you to hop on board with us and get your product out there for the world to see !  Contact us for details.

TV / Film / Commercial Endorsements

Since starting the website Sean has been offered various roles on movie sets, TV shows and even commercial offers. If you would like to discuss any on-camera appearance or endorsement for a product or service of any kind please feel free to contact us via our contact page.

Guest Speaking

If you would like Sean to speak at your event in regards to Business, Social Media Marketing and Advertising or blogging this can also be discussed via our contact page. Sean has worked on close to 100 films in a Marketing consultation and hands on aspect and brought in over $1m of revenue through BTTM. Please free to get in touch regarding an event or conference that you would like Sean to attend.

If you would like to support the continuation of the site and it’s upkeep. Please consider donating. Every little helps!